The simplest time clock on the market. 

Every smart company deserves smart time tracking tools. 

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How many hours do my employees actually work?

Do you also ask yourself this question regularly?
From now on, One Two's Time Clock calculates the working hours of your employees.
No more unnecessary follow-up efforts.
Make time for things that you would otherwise not have enough time for.

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The Time time clock shows you exactly when your employees were working. And when they weren't. Due to illness, or leave, or...

Without mistakes, without misunderstandings. Note here, note there. Sliding hours, variable working hours. Until now, keeping track of hours may have involved a 'mountain' of tracking and collecting data. This is a thing of the past. From now on, with just a few mouse clicks, you will know who was present and when.

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1 - Check in & out

Your employees each receive a personal badge. They hold their badge in front of the Time time clock. When they arrive. And when they leave.

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2 - Collect data

You can retrieve your working hours via WiFi at the touch of a button. 

3 - View the reports

The Time software provides a nice detailed overview of the hours worked. 

Sample Report

Een nieuwe wereld van tijdregistratie.

Werken op kantoor is goed, maar werken waar je wilt zonder afleiding is beter. Met onze cloudgebaseerde tijdregistratietools is toegang tot je gegevens nog nooit zo eenvoudig geweest.

Krijg wat je nodig hebt, waar en wanneer je het nodig hebt.

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Handige opties voor tijdregistratie.
Prachtige tijdregistratie-overzichten.
Geweldige tijdregistratiepagina's.
Afbeeldingen die eruit springen.

Bouw aan je bedrijf met krachtige tijdregistratietools.

Maak van je bedrijf een betere plek met onze tijdregistratietools.